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As a component of quality management, quality assurance covers all the organizational and technical measures which are preparatory, accompanying and verifying the creation and maintenance of a defined quality of a product or service. (Definition from Gabler economic lexicon)

The processes in our company are all precisely defined, structured and comprehensible. This is reflected in the certification according to ISO 9001 and enables us to maintain a consistently outstanding product quality.

The product quality in production according to customer requirements,
but also for standard products ...

We manufacture on bending benches, eccentric presses, laser cutting machine, punching machines and further processing with tapping machines (metric and inch thread), lathing machines, drilling machines, riveting machines, roll riveting machines and wobble riveting machines, E and A welding, spot welding machines, surface grinding machines (Trowale); Machine tools: Wire cutting machine, CNC milling machine, lathing machine, grinding machines, surface grinding machines and circular grinding machines.

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Robert Winkelsträter GmbH & Co. KG, Scharpenberger Straße 125, 58256 Ennepetal, Germany
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