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rolled hinges

steel, stainless steel (V2A e.g. 1.4301, V4A e.g. 1.4571)
brass, aluminium
zinc-plated, blue (without Cr6)
7954 A-D, 7957 and similar 7956
min. 15 mm - max. 100 mm
width over all:
min. 20 mm - max. 500 mm
without holes up to max. 10 holes - different measurements
cranked and not cranked
fixed pin - loosed pin
pin material:
steel, stainless steel, brass
pin special form:
pin with ring-shaped head
special rolled hinges:
lift-off hinges, french case hinges, case hinges, piano hinges, construction hinges, scenery hinges, standard hinges, screen hinges, flap hinges, door hinges, ...
gerolltes Scharnier nach DIN 7954 B
gerolltes Stahl-Scharnier nach DIN 7954 C

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We manufacture on bending benches, eccentric presses, laser cutting machine, punching machines and further processing with tapping machines (metric and inch thread), lathing machines, drilling machines, riveting machines, roll riveting machines and wobble riveting machines, E and A welding, spot welding machines, surface grinding machines (Trowale); Machine tools: Wire cutting machine, CNC milling machine, lathing machine, grinding machines, surface grinding machines and circular grinding machines.

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