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... From the construction to the finished tool ...
All tool constructions - be they simple bending tools, punching tools or follow-up tools - take place in our company.
In the beginning, we normally conduct preliminary discussions with our customer - often also at the customer's premises - in order, for example, to get to know the application.
This is important so that the subsequent tool as closely as possible the required functionality of the stamped parts.

We build simple bending tools, pressure tools and deep drawing tools in our home. More complex works are contracted out to local toolmakers.

At present, we have four trained tool builders, who are primarily concerned with the maintenance and repair of the running tools, as well as the new production of tools and their machine alignment.
The necessary machine park - CNC milling processing center, 8 axes simultaneous wire cutting machining center, etc. - is held accordingly.

With the finished tool it goes into our punching department.
CNC machining center
eroding machine

We manufacture on bending benches, eccentric presses, laser cutting machine, punching machines and further processing with tapping machines (metric and inch thread), lathing machines, drilling machines, riveting machines, roll riveting machines and wobble riveting machines, E and A welding, spot welding machines, surface grinding machines (Trowale); Machine tools: Wire cutting machine, CNC milling machine, lathing machine, grinding machines, surface grinding machines and circular grinding machines.

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